Here is a list of accessories you must keep in your car during monsoons:

  • Tyre:

One of the most important accessory when it comes to driving is a tyre. Monsoon comes right after the summer ends and the scorching heat during summer can leave your tyres in a bad condition.

During monsoons, the roads get more slippery and it is usually difficult to get a grip at extreme conditions. With the loss of additional friction provided by the tyres, your car may be heading up straight for an accident. It’s a good idea to get your tyres checked before the monsoon.

If they are withered its necessary to replace them. Additionally carrying a good spare tyre for your car is a must during monsoons. As the season deals with extremes its always better to have a precautionary extra tyre just in case of emergencies.

  • Wipers:

Wiper blades are absolutely essential when it comes to monsoons. Afterall they are responsible for our visibility during rainy days. Changing all the wiper blades just before monsoon is a must. Getting a good quality blade is just as important.

A cheaper blade may lack to provide visibility and can even scratch the windshield. Additionally, the windshield cleaner liquid should be filled prior to set off. Addition of a few drops of liquid soap or a small sachet of shampoo can even work in order to get rid of the oil on the windshield.

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  • Car Wax:

Another accessory that comes in handy especially during monsoons is car wax. Car wax is usually used to provide a certain finish to your car any season. But you need a car wax, especially during monsoons.

Normal rain cannot penetrate through the car’s clear coat but the acid rain we get during the beginning of the monsoon can surely harm the car in the worst possible way. With the change in atmosphere and a lot of pollution, acid rains are getting worse every year.

Acid rains can strip the car off clear coat and can even sip through the paint causing the metal body to rust. Since the acidic property of the rain, it is important to have a protective coat between the paint and the rain.

Car wax does exactly that. It is always recommended to get your car waxed up especially before and during monsoon. Few coats of the wax once before monsoon is enough to protect the car’s paint during the acid rains provided you use a good quality wax.

Cars with red, white and black colouration may need more applications of wax as they are more susceptible to acid rains and even UV rays.

  • Brakes:

Cleaning, Checking and replacing your brake pads is an essential step before the monsoon. You must always check brake fluid levels and brake line monitored for proper lubrication. Check your ABS system as well.

Remember, it gets slippery during monsoon so over lubrication may cause the car to skid and if the parts are not lubricated well, the brake lined may snap due to friction.

  • Mud flaps:

Mud flaps are again crucial during monsoon. Let’s face it, considering the conditions of our road, it is going to get muddy everywhere and nobody likes driving behind a car that is constantly splashing mud.

It’s better to opt for mud flaps since splashed mud on a windshield can compromise with the visibility of the driver and cause unwanted accidents.

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  • Fuses:

It’s best to get the car engine checked right before the monsoon. Cleaning and checking the car battery and even replacing if need be. Patch up any loose connections. Check the fuses and always carry some extra. Applying petroleum jelly to the terminals help keep the moisture away.

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